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Net channels is a company specialized in Tele & Wire Communications , It has been qualified with Saudi Telecom Company since 2002, for the implementation of projects in the various regions of the kingdom including all specialties of the optic fibers network and the fixed telephone, mobile network, electricity, network systems, and security systems .

Net Channels has adopted the policy of attracting the best skillful technical manpower amounting around 1000 technician , most of them are Filipino Nationality.

And always we use the best and newest technologies of our equipment and materials according to the stander of our clients in the Kingdom.

Our interest to provide the best service to go forward with our customer’s aspirations, Our priorities is the quality of services, speed and customer satisfaction

Our Target

Net Channels Co. strives to be the supplier of choice for all major telecom providers in Saudi Arabia.

We aim to be totally committed to providing our customers with quality sevices that shall be delivered defect on time.

Typical Employee Projects

Our staff are the key of success our business. We respect and value the individuality and diversity that every employee brings to the business and seek to create a positive, open, working environment wherever we operate.
We have around 1000 employee technicians and administrators work in each area of the Kingdom.
Net Channels has exceeded the PLATINUM Range in Saudization

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